Chexter Check Valves

The CHEXTER® Check Valves are designed to be used economically in a variety of commercial and industrial applications - including commercial construction, industrial, marine, utilities and process industries.

CHEXTER® Check valves meet the requirements of, and are approved for use by:

  • • General Services Administration
  • • U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force and NASA
  • • Utility industry requirements for performance-Water, gas and compressed air lines
The CHEXTER® Check valve may be outfitted in a broad combination of metal trims allowing quick selection of the right valve for your application.

Why Choose Chexter Check Valves?

  • • Application specific sealing: one with combination soft-seal ring and metal seat-seal; one with metal-to-metal sealing surfaces for extreme temperature services.
  • • Easy-to-install, Lightweight: Chexter™ fits between line flanges.
  • • Slim face-to-face dimension allows Chexter™ to fit close piping arrangements and save space.
  • • Only one moving part in Chexter™... the eccentrically mounted, contoured disc pivots open or closed according to flow directions.
  • • One-piece, soft-seal ring is easily replaced, with three material options: Buna-N®, Teflon®, and Viton®. Other materials are available on request.
  • • Chexter™ parts are interchangeable to allow for different metal trim combinations.
  • • Valve opens and closes at low differential pressure.
  • • Heavy-duty construction of Chexter™ assures long life.
Non-slam Sealing to Prevent Reverse Flow
  • • Raised face and flat face valves in 2–36"
  • • Ring type joint face valves in 2–24"
  • • Many types of metals and trims available
  • • Replaceable seal ring
  • • Slim body design
  • • Silent operation
  • • Low pressure drop
  • • Horizontal or vertical upflow services
  • • Lightweight, easy to install
  • • For gases and liquids