Mueller Strainers

Mueller offers a wide range of Strainers including Simplex Basket Strainers, Duplex Basket Strainers, Y Strainers, Tee Strainers, and Special Purpose Strainers such as Temporary Strainers, Turbine Meter Strainers, UL Fireline Strainers. Most strainers are available in cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, steel, or stainless steel body material.

Need protection for your expensive pumps, valves, or meters? A Mueller Strainer is your answer! Straining foreign matter from your connected piping system can help avoid repair shutdowns and damaged equipment. Why risk your expensive equipment when a Mueller Strainer is just one phone call away?

Mueller Steam is recognized worldwide as a mark of excellence in product design and specialty applications. Muller Steam's dedication to quality, service, and delivery remains a key priority.

What is a Strainer?

Water lines or pipeline systems can get gravel, deposits that break free, and other stray items in the line. The velocity of the water pushing them, they can severely damage or clog devices installed in the flow stream of the water line. A strainer is essentially a screen installed to allow water to pass through, but not larger items. The larger items fall to the bottom or are held in a basket for later clean out. They normally have an access that allows for them to be cleaned or have the strainer plate or basket replaced.